Oh Tinker Bell, Where Are You?

I’m looking at Peter Pan costumes on Amazon tonight. This, after my daughter told me that “anything princess will be infantile or slutty.”

The occasion is a blogging conference that I’m attending later this month in Atlanta. The first night features a reception hosted by Disney and from all the back and forth on Facebook it sounds like all us conferees are expected to show up in costume. Disney-oriented costumes. So, no, I can’t go as Groucho Marx which is a drag because it was my favorite costume of all time. I don’t have the wild hair anymore though so it wouldn’t have quite the same artfully disheveled look.

I had a fright wig and a pretty good clown outfit for a long time but the jacket involved a slew of political buttons that would set off all the TSA tickers. Plus no one at the conference would understand the buttons. The group seems to skew a bit young. I’m not sure they know that the peace sign was about an actual war and not just a fashion accessory. I kid. They know.

Anyway, there are two issues about this Disney party. The first is going. The second is going in costume.

Going will require that I walk in without a date. I’m a pretty extreme introvert and partially deaf, a terrific party-going combo. So going to this soiree will pretty much require that I completely change my personality by a week from Friday. Basically I need to pretend I’m somebody else.

Wait! I could pretend I was Peter Pan! Or Mary Martin being Peter Pan.

I used to think that after childbirth I could do anything. Now I think that if I can put on a Peter Pan costume and walk into a giant room throbbing with people dressed up as Disney characters and not turn around and run back to my hotel room in thirty seconds, I can do anything.

I already had a baby, right? I’ve got nothing to prove.

5 Comments on “Oh Tinker Bell, Where Are You?

  1. If I – introvert to the max – can dress as Peter Pan and go into that hornets nest that I went into, then you can do it too. Costume gives you courage. Especially ones that aren’t infantile or slutty. Knock em dead, Pete!

  2. Oh, Jan. Promise me you won’t become one of these crazy mommy bloggers. Most of them have zippo writing talent and they–ahem–dress up as adults in Disney costumes and have a party. I don’t see you in this crowd!

  3. I can’t imagine doing it, Pat and Helen, although it is sort of forming up as a dare after my husband said there was no way he could envision me in a Peter Pan costume at a party with strangers. So, if all I need is a photo of me in the crowd and then I get a new car or something, I’m game. LOL!

  4. Give me my room, room service, my computer, and a good book any day. Or you could hang a sign around your neck that says “I’m really not me, tonight.” grab some food (the only reason I can think of to enter the room at all) and then retreat to your room. I want to hear about the conference.

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