The water hose couldn’t reach her in the towering ring of fire. He was sad that he couldn’t prevent what would happen next. He had never meant it to get to this stage.

Written in response to a Trifecta writing challenge to use the words ring, water, and stage in a 33-word piece.

25 Comments on “Mishap

  1. Now that just makes me want to know what led to this point. What an intriguing slice of a deeper story. Thank you for linking up.

  2. Oh, this story needed many more words to answer all of the questions my mind has! A burning inferno, obviously started by the narrorator….”never wanted meant it to get to this stage”, what in the world were they doin’ in the first place? Making s’mores in the basement? Cooking Crystal Meth in the bathroom….golly gee whiz! It rambled my mind into great, but scary thought, good job!

  3. Hmmm…this is a curious one. His possible motives are intriguing. At first I wondered if maybe he was trying to burn he place for insurance money and didn’t realize she’d get trapped inside.

  4. I like this. I imagine he was only trying to burn the beloved clothes in her closet, the way women stereotypically do to men when they’re feeling scorned, but in an instant everything went up in flames instead.

    • Interesting. In my mind, I had them outside but how he got a fire going with her in the middle is a mystery. lol

  5. I love pieces like this that take readers in different directions based on their individual perceptions. I saw him as a desperate suitor who had started a small fire intending to rescue her and be a hero, but the fire got out of his control.

    Great job with your 33 words!

  6. Ha, untentional and without forethought made me think him a child, someone not mature enough to have considered how quickly his actions could turn ugly.

      • Me too! They force one to do some drastic editing and leaving only the most essential words…makes for a fun challenge.

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