Thank you, John Edwards

He did so many things wrong and today he finally did something right.  He owned up.  He said he had sinned and that no one was responsible but him.  Maybe it was a ploy.  I am a sucker for apologies and am hooked on the notion of redemption and starting over so I’d be fair game for a good con especially by a handsome guy.

But he looked different to me today.  Not so handsome.  Worn.  His tie showing at the bottom of his buttoned jacket reminded me of the guys who get dressed up for a wedding having forgotten how to tie a tie to the right length.  A little bit of his inner ‘hick’ seemed to be showing through.

I mentioned all this to my husband who, naturally, asked me the unexpected question which was “If you were his wife, would you be so impressed with his apology?”  Of course, I don’t know what his wife would have done.  I do know that most people will forgive almost anything if the transgressor owns his sin.

Tomorrow, Bill Clinton is coming to town to campaign for Tom Barrett for Governor.  This is the same guy who stowed his White House intern conveniently under his desk just in case any special needs came up.  But hey, he finally, finally, finally admitted to what he had done and presto/chango, he’s a statesman, a diplomat, a hero of the people, and the cutest good ol’ boy ever.

Man, you don’t need to be perfect in my book.  You just need to be straight.  If you fuck up, say it.  That’s what John Edwards did today.  He said it.  He sinned.  He sure did.

And then he said, “God isn’t done with me yet.”

That’s so true. Now’s the time for redemption.

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