Couldn’t Be Luckier

28 Years. 96 Tears.

I’ve told this story a thousand times. My husband and I got engaged (so to speak) on February 21st and married a week later on February 28th (we wouldn’t have waited a week had we lived in Las Vegas instead of Milwaukee) all on a dare, double dare. A decision one-upped by one of our kids who got engaged and married within 24 hours by figuring out how to speed things up by going to Rockford, IL. Ok, so Illinois is good at something.

Anyway, this is only interesting, maybe, because we’ve been married for 28 years. If it had only lasted a year, everyone would have said, “See what happens when you rush into things!”

So tonight to celebrate, we went to the Auto Show which my husband loves because he thinks it’s ‘awesome’.  He wanders around looking at new SUV’s wearing a hat that my Dad who would be 99 if he was still alive used to wear when he talked cars.  He (my Dad) would have a stub of a cigar in his mouth.  My husband, at least tonight, skipped that part.

So after the Auto Show, we texted our son who works at a local hotshot hotel to see if he could get us reservations for dinner at their hotshot restaurant and thus get us 25% off the very expensive tab.  No go, he texted back.  So we headed to our second choice.  Walking in the door of the Jackson Grill (actually one of Milwaukee’s most wonderful, hidden restaurants), I said, “Don’t you think most people would have figured out ahead of time where to have dinner on their anniversary?”

Maybe.  But not us.  We’d rather not know what we’re doing.  It’s our best thing. Not having any idea what we’re doing or what comes next.  We got married that way, had a bunch of kids that way, and have made ridiculously important life decisions based on nothing more than a nod of the head or the turn of a key in the ignition.

There’s almost nothing better than stopping at the bottom of the driveway and asking, “Are we turning left or right?”

Love that.  People plan too damn much.  And maybe don’t trust enough.

Not our problem.

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