Monday was my #2 son’s 24th birthday. When I first met Joe in 1988, I had no idea he would morph into this.

Or this.

I had no idea that the place that he would end up feeling most at home would be on a stage looking out at a full house and waiting for a cue.

All the while he was growing up, the joke about little Joey was that he would run from any group picture.  If captured, he’s twist around and turn his back to the camera.  No way no how did he want anyone looking at him.

That changed.  In a big way. 

Joe often says that he needs to find himself.  Me, my opinion?  For what it’s worth.

I think he already has.

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  1. I love these posts. 3rd child please! I find myself yearning to be in that first photo shot holding my little one from Nicaragua. Hope it will be soon…

    Thanks, Jan


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