In Good Time

This is a story about going back.  Adopted kids going back to their country of origin is a rite of passage – or maybe a right of passage.  Our three adopted kids are all from Nicaragua.  The oldest, Nelson, lived in an orphanage in San Marcos; the other two, Joe and Jhosy, both lived at Rolando Carazo Children’s Center in Managua.  Of the three, only Jhosy has vivid and true memories of living in the orphanage.  She was nearly seven when she left; her brothers were toddlers.

She’s sitting there in the red shirt, waiting.

So when we went back to Nicaragua in 2004, we wondered what it would be like for her, returning to a place she knew so well – that she had left just ten years before.

I don’t know how she felt.  I just know what I saw.  I watched the little girls run up to her and beg to use her chapstick and wear her hat.  I watched her walk through the room where she used to live, pointing out what used to be where.  I watched her sit on the bench where the infamous ‘how can you resist this orphan’ picture was taken years ago – the one that made us move heaven and earth to get her adoption finalized.

I watched her maybe ‘get it’ for the first time.

How many children there were.  And how right it would feel to pick one up and walk right out the door.   And figure out the rest later.

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  1. you can look me up by TereRoma all together 🙂 It’s weird, but also exiting! 🙂

    • Hi – Have been trying to find you at TereRoma but not successful. We would really like to connect. Could you friend me at Jan Wilberg?

  2. ohhhhhhhh really??? that’s awesome! tell her she can add me at facebook, if she wants. thank you for this you made me so happy 🙂

    • Great! What name/last name? Also, are you interested in connecting with others who were at Rolando Carazo? This must be very weird for you!

  3. no, 🙁 actually I was about 4 or 5 years old then, so I don’t really remember much of that time, but sure, she can contact me if she wants, I’ll be glad :)!! . how can I give you my address? where are you from?

    • There’s a whole group of Nicas from Rolando Carazo here and we get together frequently — all mid to late 20’s. Three are my kids. 🙂 Are you on Facebook? Go to Nicas! and you’ll find some there. My email is If you email me, I can give you a bunch of their names so you can connect on FB. We’re in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, BTW. So happy to hear back from you!

  4. Hi! omg! I’m from Spain, but I was also born in Nicaragua, I can’t believe this, that’s the centre where I spent three years! I was looking at its pictures actually because I intend to volunteer there, and I found this picture of yours, the firs one!! that little girl staring at the camera? its me!!! you’ve brought so many memories to me! thank you so much! 🙂

    • You’re kidding! Wow! Do you remember Yossi? Paolina? She’s sitting behind you in a red shirt with striped sleeves. She’s my daughter. Is there any way that we/she could contact you? That’s so amazing. I hope you are well and happy. What a wonderful gift to see your comment.

  5. Oh wow!! My daughter we adopted this last year is in the second picture looking up at your daughter!! It takes my breath away to see pictures of her or her brother when they were younger….love it!!! susan

      • Jan, my daughter and I were just looking through Nicaragua pics online trying to find some of her…I never saw your response until today….it would be amazing if you did have any other pics with her in them….next year she will be in the 8th grade and all the 8th graders have pictures put in the back of the yearbook of when they were little….who knows maybe you might have one…in 2004 she would have been the pic of your daughter with all the little girls…my daughter, samantha is standing behind the little girl reaching for your daughters face…samantha is wearing a pink shirt with sleeves and she thinks she might have been holding a hair brush…which seems so true to character!!! Thanks again …a couple years later..sorry again about not ever seeing your response earlier…Susan Burlison…..and Sammy Sue Burlison!!

      • Hi there,

        I will look through my photos and see if there are others with your daughter in them. I’m so happy you found us again! Can you email me so I can send any photos I find? Email is Hope all is well with you!

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