Dumb Luck

There are people who make a living figuring out the right adoption ‘matches’.  Who’s right for who?  Can this kid’s needs be met by these prospective parents?  Will this kid fit into these parents’ lives?  Science. Social work. Analysis.

For no apparent reason, this guy was chosen out of an orphanage-full of children to be our second son.  I so admired the woman making the decision, Miriam Lazo Laguna – a wise, courageous, nearly saintlike person who risked her life in the Sandinista revolution – that I’d have smiled and been grateful no matter what.

I met Joseph Zeledon Snyder on July 4th, 1988, at Rolando Carazo Children’s Center in Managua, Nicaragua, after a hair-raising day visiting Father Fabretto’s in Esteli (see prior post).  It was hot, late, the orphanage was dark.  He was small and sick.  He wouldn’t look at me and when I held him, he flopped backwards.  He acted like it was useless to ingratiate himself, to grab hold, to even cry in protest.  He was basically one very checked-out baby. 

But look at him now.  Look at those eyes.  And that smile. 

Who knew anyone could be so lucky?

Jan Wilberg Janice Wilberg

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