The Orange

In the middle of the afternoon, the sky turned orange and it started to rain. I was so taken by the color of the world that I stood at the doorway taking pictures, one after the other, hoping that the orange would show on my camera. It did, but in a washed out way.

Still, there were the boards of the deck and the railing posts. And the shadows.

You can’t have everything, I reminded myself. Take what there is and be glad of it.You’ll remember the orange world. You don’t need a picture.

4 Comments on “The Orange

  1. It’s maddening that the automatic setting of the camera screens out the colors of a sunset when you aim right at it. Sometimes, if you aim a bit above or below it, it will capture the color. You can also regain the color by changing the saturation or color once the photo is in your computer..or in some cameras. Zooming out a bit will also bring the color back. At any rate, thanks for trying to share it.

  2. Our mother taught my sister and me the word ephemeral when we were little for times such as that.

  3. I often try to capture something in a picture and think I have to share this! Some of the beauty of these things is that you only see them on a whim or a rare occasion.

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