It’s Very High and Scary But I’m Used to It

I’ve gotten used to a ridiculous number of things.

  • Never dressing up
  • Steering clear of everyone I see
  • Not having my kids over for dinner
  • Having longer hair than I’ve had for fifteen years
  • Detesting middle aged white men who want to tell me what’s what on social media
  • Being amazed at how Wisconsin Democrats minority status in the Legislature has made them a non-factor in managing the pandemic
  • Wondering why our governor is so extraordinarily timid
  • Chewing the end of the same pen from Planet Fitness
  • Talking to my 14-year granddaughter while she is wearing a hoodie and a giant white mask covering what I remember of her face
  • Riding shotgun
  • Drinking too much rum
  • Reading Lakota America by Pekka Hamalainen for the past decade or so
  • Crapping out on zoom meetings, training sessions, and whatnots because it’s too much effort to ‘arrange my face’ as Thomas Cromwell would advise
  • Never going shopping
  • Worrying
  • Being incredulous that public health officials aren’t in charge during a pandemic
  • Disaster planning
  • Creatures eating my lettuce
  • Spending life on various porches
  • Eating the cheap pickles left over from meal prep days


Photo credit: Alex Azabache

6 Comments on “It’s Very High and Scary But I’m Used to It

  1. Much to my surprise, delight and other things I have gotten used to living with the same man for 32 years! I love the challenge of a list of things we have become used to.

  2. Oops sorry.. please omit my last comment. I was referring to a different photo that I viewed shortly before yours..also a wonderful shot.

      • I wonder if the image of the person in the swing was superimposed or a reflection of something nearby? Such an intriguing photo. It should really be used as a prompt.

  3. You think life will ever “feel” normal again? Do we remember what normal feels like? Was normal really normal? I guess I can stop complaining we don’t have enough shopping and too few restaurants. We have even less shopping (didn’t think it was possible) and no restaurants except McDonald’s.

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